4x4 Accessories to Explore the Warmth of Desert

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As a 4WD SUV owner, you may want to take your vehicle on different off-roading adventures. And, when we talk about off-road trips, we usually think of driving in a forest or the mountains. But have you ever wondered how off-roading in the desert would look like? Well, weekend trips in the desert could be one of the most adventurous journeys you can ever imagine. Moreover, you must explore the exciting adventures of the desert at least once in your life.

But simply taking your SUV to the desert may not be enough. If you are a true 4x4 enthusiast, you need to install some 4x4 accessories in your vehicle to explore the off-road adventures of the desert to the fullest and enjoy your trip. Now, you must be wondering which accessories would be perfect for a desert trip. Well, you don’t need to worry. MCC offers a variety of 4WD fit outs for all your adventures, and here we have listed some of the essential 4x4 accessories for the desert.

1. MCC 078-02 Rocker Bar

Driving in the middle of a desert doesn’t mean you’ll only get plain terrain to drive. You may come across several obstacles even in the desert, and of course, you don’t want to damage your vehicle or get stuck in the middle. Well, installing the MCC Rocker Bar on your SUV will protect it from all the obstacles, and it also comes with multiple features and functions that are essential for off-roading. Moreover, it will provide a bulky look to your SUV and is perfect for off-road adventures. So, you can explore adventures in the desert with this rocker bar as it also gets spotlight mounts, dual recovery points, dual high lift jacking points, and dual aerial mounts.

2. MCC 022-02 Single Wheel and Double Jerry Can Holder Rear Carrier Bar

Driving in the desert can be fun, but we can’t deny the fact that rough driving may cause damage to the wheels of your vehicle. So, it’s crucial to carry a spare wheel on off-road journeys. Also, you may want to carry some extra water or other such stuff with you in the desert. In such a situation, this MCC Rear Carrier bar will be a great choice for you. This rear bar is great for carrying a tank and a spare wheel effortlessly so you can enjoy your trip without any worries. It perfectly defines toughness and practicality. Furthermore, it features a rear step with ADR rated tow bar and comes with two LED number plate lights, dual-LED reverse indicator and combination tail lamps, pre-drilled universal parking sensors, and a non-slip checker plate step which contributes to the functionality and safety of the vehicle.

3. Safari Armax Snorkel

There’s no doubt that you’ll need a significant airflow along with optimum performance from your vehicle for off-road journeys so you can cruise through the tough paths of the desert easily and make your trip a memorable one. So, a snorkel becomes a must-have 4x4 accessory for your SUV. This Safari Snorkel is specially designed to provide 25% to 70% more airflow as compared to the stock air cleaner, which results in improved performance. And, this is the only product of its type in the world.

4. MCC Standard Roof Rack

Your SUV’s boot may not always be enough to accommodate your luggage or the additional accessories that you carry on trips. Moreover, if you frequently take your SUV on off-road adventures, then you’ll need some extra storage space. Here, a roof rack can be helpful for you. The MCC Standard Roof Rack gives a complete look to your SUV and allows you to carry more luggage or goods on your journeys. With a four-wall design, it’s available in three different sizes for different needs.


5. Stedi Type-X Pro LED Driving Lights 8.5Inch

Journey in the desert isn’t just about driving roughly on the sand in the daytime heat. You can even explore some adventures when the sun’s down. But for nighttime adventures, you’ll also need driving lights that offer optimum visibility and are reliable as well. And, the Stedi Type-X Pro is redefining the auxiliary driving light category. It utilizes state-of-the-art optic simulation modeling. These LED lights offer a 1.15 km beam throw which is one of the best in the segment. Hence, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have these lights installed in your SUV for your des


6. BF Goodrich 275/55/R17 Mud Terrain Tyres

Driving in the desert is quite challenging, and you’ll need tyres specially designed for such harsh terrains. And, mud terrain tyres are suitable for driving in the middle of a desert as they offer maximum off-road traction while offering a smooth ride quality and less road noise. So, you can take your SUV anywhere in the desert and drive the way you want without thinking twice. The BF Goodrich 275/55/R17 Mud Terrain Tyres could be a great choice for your off-road adventures in the desert. It’s designed from the mud up that enables it to overcome any obstacle in the path by combining more traction and mud-clearing capability.


Concluding Thoughts

This was a complete 4WD fitout for off-road adventures in the desert. However, the accessories aren’t limited to these; you can even opt for more 4x4 accessories according to your needs. You may consider contacting MCC 4x4 for your vehicle’s 4WD fitout. We will guide you with the fitout and will professionally install the accessories at affordable rates. So, what are you waiting for? Get these 4x4 accessories installed in your SUV and take it on an adventurous off-road trip in the desert.



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