Steel Vs Alloy Bull Bar Which One is The Best?

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Steel Vs Alloy Bull Bar Which One is The Best?

When it is time to selecting a bull bar for your rig, people have different options and opinions. The first thing buyers consider is the design of the bull bar, especially its appearance after installation on their 4WD. However, we all know a bull bar has more to it than just good looks.

You need to keep in mind the following three crucial functions of the bull bar:

- The intended design of the bar

- The material used to construct it

- The amount of frontal protection it offers

If you are interested in enhancing the looks and functionality of your 4WD, we strongly suggest you add a bull bar from MCC 4X4 Accessories to it. But the question is, which bull bar is the best? 

Which Bull Bar is Ideal for me?

Well, you will find them mostly made of steel or aluminium, and both these materials are pretty solid and durable. The best option would depend on the goal, protection, and money you like to pay.

For instance, steel is more famous since it is basically less expensive and known to be more durable than aluminium. Alternatively, people like aluminium bull bars because they are lightweight and employ heavy-duty materials and construction. Moreover, the aluminium bars are crucial for GCM (Gross Combination Mass) during towing. 

However, both these materials have their positives and negatives, which we will discuss below. After reading, you will be able to pick the one best suited for your needs.

Steel Bullbars

At MCC 4X4 Accessories, we use only quality Australian steel and heavy-duty construction to manufacture our bull bars and other equipment. It means they are ideal for all on-road and off-road conditions. Here are some reasons why you would like to buy the steel bull bars.


- They are easier to repair if they receive dents during a collision.
- In Western Australia, we often hear stories of animal strikes. Honestly, the risk is high, and only a strong steel bar can save you and your vehicle in an unfortunate incident.
- They are usually heavier and more robust than aluminium bars.
- They are more appropriate for winches when you connect bars to correctly rated mounting points and brackets.
- Hard steel offers you a more solid mount.


- There is just one negative - since it is not very flexible, a hard collision can damage the chassis.

Aluminium Bullbars


Aluminium bars are not as rigid as steel bars, but quality products from MCC 4X4 Accessories are incredibly durable.  


- They are lighter and close in the gaps left in steel bars.

- They are an excellent option if you want to tow a caravan and are concerned about GCM.

- You can quickly drill them and install custom brackets

- Usually, the aluminium bars are vastly polished or employ various solid anodised colour finishes and regular powder coats. While these make the restoration difficult, they offer better corrosion protection than steel bars. 


- A solid hit can push the aluminium bull bar back to the vehicle.

- If you desire to have a winch, it is not a perfect choice.

- They are more expensive than the steel bars.

So, which bar is the best depends on your choice of design, strength, and price. If you are an orthodox driver, you might fancy the vigour and solidity of a steel bullbar. However, remember you might have to update your suspension to accommodate the extra weight of the steel bar. On the other hand, aluminium bars are generally lighter than steel, and we use powder coating, paint and polish to give them a high-quality finish. 

If you are still unsure which bull bar would be suitable for your rig, give us a call or visit our facility. We will help you find the ideal bullbar as per your needs.

Why buy your bull bar from MCC 4X4 Accessories?

With tens of companies offering bull bars for your vehicle in Australia, why should you buy from MCC? 

- We have been developing the 4X4 accessories for the last 22 years successfully, and we have the knowledge and technical expertise needed to create different 4WD equipment.

- We use top-quality Australian steel and aluminium, follow precise tolerances in manufacturing, and give our bullbars a high-quality finish at our own powder coating facility.

- Our Falcon and Phoenix bullbars are ADR compliant and airbag compatible that would not annul your new vehicle warranty.

- We offer bull bars for a wide variety of vehicles, including Ford, Holden, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen etc. So, no matter which rig you own, we have a bullbar for you.

-We also create other 4WD accessories such as Front Bar, Rear Bar, Wheel Carrier, Side Step, Roof Rack, Draws System, Recovery Kits etc., to enhance your vehicle’s overall performance and functionality.   

- We are a proud member of the Australian 4WD Industry Council and offer nationwide warranty and customer support.



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