Ford Ranger MK3 MY20 Fitout

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Ford Ranger MK3 MY20 Fitout

Ford Ranger is one of the most popular pickup trucks that can tackle any challenges on the road. It is designed for both work and fun. Moreover, the Ford Ranger MK3 boasts more technology than ever before. Also, this vehicle offers excellent interior comfort along with a variety of safety features.

It is available in both 4x2 and 4x4 drivetrains. But the 4x4 variant offers a better value for money and delivers exhilarating performance as well. The Ford Ranger MK3 4x4 features a stunning design, known for its amazing off-roading capabilities and road presence. But if you are a true 4WD enthusiast, you may want to upgrade your vehicle with the 4WD Fitouts. MCC offers various 4x4 accessories for Ford Ranger that boost the performance and give it a unique look.

Winch Runva 13XP Premium Ip67 (Black)

A winch is one of the essential 4x4 accessories. This Runva winch comes with a 12V motor that produces a peak output of 5.6KW/7.6hp, which allows it to take up to 13,000 pounds of weight. The winch features a 26.5m long synthetic rope and weighs around 31.4kg. Furthermore, it gets a black powder coat finish. You can easily mount it over the winch motor, over the drum, or over the winch bar. The Runva Winch makes your journeys more adventurous, and you can take your vehicle anywhere without any worries

MCC Rocker Rear Bar

The MCC Rocker Rear Bar is designed by keeping sturdiness and functionality in mind. It is made from high-quality steel and gets a sand black powder coat finish. With dual number plate lamps, dual recovery points, and a non-slip checker plate step, this rear bar will make your Ranger MK3 stand out on the road.

Px MK3 Outback Armour Lift Kit

Outback Armour kit provides strength, durability, and reliability to the vehicle for off-roading. This kit contains a 40mm adjustable bypass rear lift and a 50mm adjustable bypass front lift with a steel bullbar and winch.

Stedi Type-X Pro LED Driving Lights 8.5Inch and Stedi ST3301 Pro 24.5Inch 16 LED Bar.

These Stedi LED Driving Lights are redefining the auxiliary driving light category. It offers optimum light output, and it’s reliable as well. Moreover, the Type-X Pro utilizes the latest optic simulation modelling, which allows it to achieve a highly-functional beam pattern. With a 1.15km beam throw, it will insist you drive when the sun’s down, and you can take your Ranger for adventurous journeys even in the dark, thanks to the astonishing throw and clear visibility offered by these LED lights. Moreover, the ST3301 Pro provides a high light volume in the mid-range with excellent visibility on the road. Also, this light bar will make your Ford Ranger look like a next-level off-roading vehicle.

Airbag Man with Cover

Airbag Man offers high-quality Airbags. This kit includes two airbags, airbag mounts, fasteners, air fittings, air-line tubing, and two inflation valves. Airbags are installed in addition to leaf springs to provide load carrying assistance. Also, you can easily inflate or deflate them to cater the vehicle loading.

Wheels and Tyre Packages

This package includes 4xBF Goodrich 275/55/R20, 4xFuel Sledge 20x9 + 35, and 1x spare tyre to suit standard rims. The BF Goodrich tyres are the most arduous all-terrain tyres and are perfect for off-roading. It delivers exceptional toughness, durability, and traction to keep your Ford Ranger moving effortlessly even on challenging paths, including gravel, dirt, rock, mud, and snow. The Fuel Sledges are durable and designed to withstand the abuse that your vehicle gets both on and off-road, allowing you to drive even on the harshest terrains. Hence, this is a must-have 4WD Fitout for any 4x4 vehicle

Redarc Tow-Pro Elite V3 Brake Controller
This Redarc Brake Controller provides the ability to swap between a proportional mode for highway driving conditions and a user-controlled mode, known for off-road driving.

MCC Recovery Point BT50 for Ford Ranger 12-On

These twin-rated recovery points from MCC are rated up to 5.5 tons and come with powder-rated red finish for clear visibility. The MCC recovery points are directly mounted to the chassis and Bulbar front and side bracket, enabling the optimum strength and support. Also, these recovery points are great for winching and snatch recoveries.

Safari Snorkel Kit – V-Spec to Suit Ford Ranger


These Safari Snorkels are specially designed for Ford Ranger. It’s tested and verified on a custom flow bench to determine whether the airflow meets or exceeds the industry inlet design. The Safari Snorkel is a great 4WD fitout that offers the best air intake protection and performance.

Pioneer Rhino-Rack (Flat) With Backbone Premium Set Up and Stedi LED Light Bar Bracket

This 4x4 accessory is the ultimate load-carrying solution for your Ford Ranger. It enables you to change the way you carry and complete your off-road rooftop setup. This setup is made from durable and lightweight aluminium together with fiberglass reinforced nylon corners.

Redarc 120W Monocrystalline Solar Panel and Redarc Anderson to Battery 1.5M

This Redarc Solar Panel will keep your Ranger’s battery charged throughout the day. It is highly efficient and gets a rugged design. This Solar Panel comes with a tempered glass coating and an aluminium frame, which withstand harsh road conditions and extreme weather conditions. The 1.5M Anderson to Battery allows a quick and high-quality portable connection between the solar regulator and the battery terminal. You can connect it quickly and efficiently as it has no screw terminals, and there’s no risk of poor connections from frayed wires or loose terminals. 

Brown Davis 150 Litre Replacement Long Range Fuel Tank and Fuel Filter

The Brown Davis Replacement Fuel Tank is specifically designed for Ford Ranger by keeping the off-roading capabilities and driving pleasure in mind. This 150 Litre fuel tank sits at the same height as the Ranger’s standard 80 Litre tank to ensure that the vehicle’s ground clearance and ramp-over aren’t affected. This replacement fuel tank almost doubles the vehicle’s driving range so that you don’t need to stop for refueling between your trips. The Fuel Filter kit will protect your Ranger’s engine from expensive repairs as it separates the diesel and water. Also, it filters the impurities and allows only filtered fuel to flow inside the engine.

Brown Davis Under Body Plate Cover Steering, Front Sump, Transmission, Transfer Case (Grey)

This kit is designed to prevent your Ranger’s steering, front, sump, transmission, and transfer case from damage while moving on the harsh terrains. It’s folded with a 3mm thick steel case which provides it with more toughness.

Heavy-Duty Accessory Socket 12/24V DC LED Voltmeter

It’s an easy-to-read voltmeter that displays accurate battery voltage levels for quick reference. It comes with a dustproof accessory socket cover and heavy-duty construction. The 12V voltmeter has a current rating of 20A, and the 24V one has a current rating of 10A.

Piranha Dual Battery System, Slim Power AGM Battery, Back Seat Tray, iDrive Battery Monitor Fitted

This kit becomes essential for camping. The Dual Battery System is fully microprocessor controlled to ensure that the starting battery is protected from the auxiliary battery, fridge, lights, and other accessories that you may need around the camping site.

Rhino Sun Seeker 2.5x2Meter

The Rhino Sun Seeker is a great 4x4 accessory for all your adventures. This portable shade is UV50+ rated, and you can easily mount it to your Ranger’s roof rack and roll out to create a shaded area perfect for relaxing, watching sports, camping, picnics, lunch breaks, and so on.

Raptor Style Bonnet Scoop

This bonnet scoop provides a more muscular look to your Ford Ranger MK3. It is tough and comes with a flexible ABS Plastic construction. The Bonnet Scoop is UV resistant and is available in multiple colors.

Ford Ranger Weather Shield 2+2

This Weather Shield offers fresh air enjoyment with an original equipment look. It is crafted from the finest 2.5mm acrylic material. The installation process is quick and straightforward with the pre-installed heavy-duty two-sided automotive tape. It is low profile, reducing the wind noise and allowing you to escape the interior heat.

MCC Side Step

A side step is one of the crucial 4x4 accessories, and this MCC side step makes your Ranger’s 4WD fitout look complete. It gets steel construction and provides side and still protection to your vehicle.

Concluding Thoughts

Ford Ranger is a great pickup truck that delivers high performance and ample comfort. This pickup truck is definitely a treat for the 4WD enthusiasts both on and off-road. By installing these MCC 4x4 accessories, your Ranger will not only stand out in every aspect but will also become more powerful and practical. 

MCC offers a huge variety of 4WD fitouts for Ford Ranger as well as the other 4x4 SUVs and pickup trucks. So, if you want to install some 4x4 accessories in your vehicle and customize it the way you want, then wait no longer; visit MCC today to get your dream fitout for your vehicle. 


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